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And so the obsession awakens again! What is this feeling, the lightness in my heart... which will no doubt soon be translated into a corresponding lightness in my wallet. :')

I guess it all started because I've been working very hard lately and I thought, maybe it's time to treat myself to something.

I didn't think that something would be dolls again. In fact for some time now my dolls have been packed away in their little cardboard sarcophagi and I even thought I would clean them up and sell them off at some point.

But nope. I made the mistake of looking at some Flickr bjd accounts and I fell in love all over again!

And then I found out about Taobao shopping and oh my god it's SO BEAUTIFUL and SO CHEAP (ok, not really cheap, some of the fancy dresses I'm interested in are $100+, but by bjd hobby standards they are bargains and comparable outfits regularly sell for 1.5-2x that amount). And these aren't even a lower price substitute for something else. They honestly are some of the best doll clothing I have seen, especially in regard to the girls' clothing (which sadly is not too useful for me, since I don't have or want a girl doll).

But maybe Bertram could wear some of these cute dresses anyway? ♥ Haha, his body is thin enough but his face isn't sweet enough for the job.

Speaking of bodies and faces though, I really need to man up and start practicing faceups again. And mod Bertram's body. It's a Glorydoll body that I... have come to realize I can never sell for anything worth the effort of putting it up for sale to begin with, because it is really not a very desirable body and besides it has damage on one leg from shipping and on top of that it has TWO LEFT LEGS urk... seriously Glorydoll... no wonder they went out of business.

Sometimes I regret not having arranged a split and just bought the head. But on the other hand, in that case poor Bertram would've likely rotted in a box all this time, because to be honest there aren't any other bodies in this size that I like, besides SD10 and DollnDoll king both of which I worry are too fat - the one thing I do like about the Glorydoll body is its waifishness, because I like Bertram being a skinny little jailbait scrap of a boy.

Right now, my thought is to try and buy another Glorydoll body or leg or legs as cheaply as I can so I at least have proper right and left leg on his body (would also get rid of the damaged part, though I have repaired that little crack and to be honest it's not noticeable). And then mod that body all the way! In particular his hips and buttocks are ridiculously shaped and just... ugh. No sense of anatomy at all.

That's why I've started this blog. I'm hopeful that it will give me more focus so that I can put my plans into motion. I do feel I've never gotten as much out of the bjd hobby as I could, never put myself wholeheartedly into it, because I got frustrated with faceups so early on. But for heaven's sake I draw for a living, I refuse to think I've really been defeated simply by a little doll's head. So I definitely want to make a stronger effort this time! So the list is:

1. Practice faceups on practice head, document with photos
2. Redo Bertram's faceup!
3. The massive mod project on his body aaaaaaaah ;A;
4. Gabriel
5. Consider renaming the dolls? I like a bird theme. Like Bertram -> Robin (or Sparrow, I like Sparrow too... and maybe it's better because Robin is too much a regular person name and the whole point of this is that I am beginning to think my dolls should all have names outside the ordinary), Cian -> Kite, and Gabriel -> Kestrel. And for the future, Lark, Starling, and Wren.

To buy list:
-MSC (I have a can leftover, but should buy more)
-1000 grit sandpaper
-Big bowl/basket for purposes of sanding in
-Face masks (actually I think I have some, somewhere in the house... but I'd rather not spend eternity trying to hunt them down)
-Wigs for Bertram or Gabriel
-Cute sailor suit! And some other things via Taobao