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dolldream ([personal profile] dolldream) wrote2014-05-04 12:55 pm


 I've started modding my Glorydoll Louis's body and it's going quite well - better than I expected, in fact! I had expected that I would have to sand down the shoulder blades entirely to get rid of that bizarrely sharp little ridge sculpted for each shoulder blade - but in fact, I found that it was possible to soften them and keep the structure so the whole area looks so much more natural now. Ditto the wonky and freakishly protrudent neck muscles. I have mostly finished work on the neck and the shoulder blades and am now working on bringing the hips and buttocks into line and debating what to do about his chest. His rib cage is positioned too high up and on his right side the sculpting of the ribs is really jacked up, there's a bit there that's like a dent and it's not damage, it's a fault in the actual sculpt. I am more hesitant in this area as because of that dent I need to file the whole area down at least that far, but I wish there was a way to retain the rib detail because it does make him look extra thin and cute in a half-pathetic way. Then his ridiculously moob-like pectorals need to be sanded down also.

Doing all this makes me want to sculpt again! I should look into a proper figure sculpting workshop. I haven't done any sculpture since college, yikes.

I'll post the before/after photos when I am done.

And I do think I'm going to settle on Robin for his name. I had been hesitant because Robin makes me think of Batman's Robin. But I guess there is also Christopher Robin, whose image is more appealing. And robins - european robins anyway - are very cute, round, feisty little things, and that makes sense for my Robin. Another thought was Canary, which also works conceptually - an ornamental pet in a cage is very much like a doll. But I don't think the name Canary rolls off the tongue as easily. Chickadee, too, love those little birds best of all birds but the name is perhaps too cutesy and funny-sounding...?

As a side note, for half a day I fell in love with RaMcube's Do and almost decided to buy him. That's the danger of limited edition and very obscure dolls, they always get to me because I think of how hard it would be to find one secondhand! And it's true, if I don't buy him now I'm probably giving up my chance forever. But I tried mocking up a faceup on him in Photoshop and found that I didn't like his features as much as I had thought I would...